Tekni-Plex Europe invests in state of the art low density EPE foam line for closure liners

Tekni-Plex Europe NV (Erembodegem/Belgium; has started production with its state-of-the-art, low density EPE foam line in its Erembodegem, Belgium plant. The new installation also enables in-line lamination capability to produce EPE based structures including HDPE, LDPE, Saranex, and custom laminates.
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Tekni-Plex acquires Gallazzi

On May 1st, 2015 - Tekni-Plex Europe NV announced that its plan to acquire Gallazzi’s Italian-based pharmaceutical blister film (Tradate, Varese, Lombardia) and adhesive tape substrate film (Gallarate, Varese, Lombardia) businesses has been approved by the Italian authorities supervising the sale.

Gallazzi’s Tradate site manufactures high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and polyvinylidene chloride- (PVDC) coated barrier films for pharmaceutical blister applications in an ISO8 Cleanroom. The Tradate facility also produces PVC films for food packaging and technical PVC films and sheets. Gallazzi’s Gallarate location produces thin PVC films used for adhesive-tape substrates.

“Gallazzi’s manufacturing capabilities and product offerings are an excellent complement to our global Tekni-Films business,” said Paul Young, chief executive officer, Tekni-Plex, Inc. “The acquisition will add mono-PVC calendaring capabilities to our blister portfolio in Europe, as well as state-of-the-art PVDC coating which will strengthen our barrier blister technology base. These new capabilities will provide our customers with high-quality, innovative films and sheets to support their business needs.”
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Ervaring werkt

Als bedrijf geven wij werkzoekenden de kans om een eerste werkervaring op te doen. Daarom krijgt Tekni-Plex Europe nv het label "Ervaring werkt".
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Approval of Tekni-Plex’s plan to acquire Gallazzi

Tekni-Plex’s plan to acquire Gallazzi’s Italian pharma blister film,
adhesive tape substrate film businesses has been approved.
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Purchase of Tekni-Plex by American Securities

Tekni-Plex, Inc. and American Securities LLC today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement for American Securities to acquire Tekni-Plex from funds associated with Oaktree Capital Management.
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Future growth secured for Action Technology Italia (ATI)

The Italian subsidiary of Tekni-Plex Europe has secured his future growth with the start-up of a completely new and centralized plant in Gaggiano, Milan. With the realization of the ORO-project (One Roof Operation) the company brought the existing production facilities together in one efficient plant providing space for future expansion.
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Tekni-Plex Europe awarded EN ISO 15378 : 2007

Tekni-Plex Europe has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System for Primary packaging materials for medicinal products - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001 : 2000, with reference to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
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Development of Tri-Seal ECO-series

Tekni-Flash: Tekni-Plex and Top-Seals launch Tri-Seal ECO
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Tekni-Plex Europe takes part in several trade shows
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Tekni-Plex neemt deel aan DUOdag

Tekst overgenomen van

"Tekni-Plex Europe in Aalst nam op 22 maart 2012 voor de eerste keer deel aan de DUOdag. Naast een doedag is DUOdag ook een sensibiliseringscampagne. Doel is het thema ‘Tewerkstelling van personen met een arbeidshandicap’. Het bedrijf, dat verpakkingen, aerosol buisjes en spuitbussen produceert, verwelkomt Kristine. Zij kampt met een rugletstel waardoor fysieke arbeid moeilijk is."
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Na gestage groei en wegens uitbreiding van de productieafdelingen, zoeken wij versterking voor de leidinggevende ploeg in de vaste nacht.
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Tubes médicaux : Natvar Europe réorganise sa production
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Natvar Europe's medical tubing extrusion lines move into new medical/pharma center

We take pleasure in informing/updating you on the progress regarding the move of our medical tubing extrusion activities into our new building.
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Invisible Performance
Invisible - Most of our products are not easlily detected because they are hidden in more complex packaging systems such as pumps, valves and closures. Yet their performance is indispensable for the functioning of the packaging component. Our products make sure that your package does the job where it was designed for.


Indeed, the Tekni-Plex divisions in Europe are making products that are closer to everyday life than you think. 

Invisible indeed, since practically no one realizes that the parts produced by our companies are built into products that we are using on a daily basis: an aerosol can, a trigger sprayer, a screw cap, a ballpoint pen, an infusion set in a hospital, a blister for pills, ...

The components we produce can be split up in: 

Rubber products

Plastic products

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With their highly specialized products, the Tekni-Plex divisions are addressing themselves to the  

Packaging industry

Specialty products

Medical industry

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Divisions & Brands
Within Europe, Tekni-Plex has six manufacturing locations:
  • Aalst, Belgium
  • Gaggiano, Milan, Italy
  • Tradate, Varese, Italy
  • Gallarate, Varese, Italy
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Gronau, Germany

Within Tekni-Plex Europe N.V., the Belgian plant, we operate four different product brands:

Action Technology




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